Today, we’d like to share some interesting and important information about vaping advocacy groups. There are plenty of them out there and we’ll discuss three of the most well-known and respected groups. These groups exist to push vaping into the mainstream.

Group members believe in vaping and they advocate for it in an array of ways, from petitions to education to protest to letter-writing campaigns and beyond.

Discover the American Vaping Association

Known as the AVA for short, the American Vaping Association has a specific focus, which is championing the usage of e-cigarettes for the purposes of aiding those who wish to stop smoking. This group is a non-profit and it accepts donations via its official website. At present, the president of the AVA is Gregory Conley and he represents group members by routinely testifying in front of city councils, inside of state legislatures and before other types of governing bodies.

Another respected vaping advocacy group is CASAA. This stands for Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association. The mission of this group is to boost availability of reasonably-priced and useful smoking alternatives. The group moves towards this goal by encouraging the development and testing of products which are deemed safe and affordable and which help users to achieve their own smoking cessation goals. This group currently has twenty-seven thousand members.

A third group which advocates for smoke-free alternatives to tobacco cigarettes is SFATA. This stands for Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association. This advocacy group was launched during 2011 and it functions as a lobbying and educational resource for consumers, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors who are involved with the vaping industry. New members may sign up for the group as long as they pay a membership fee.

Do You Support These Groups?

If you are vaping enthusiast yourself, you may be aligned with the goals and values of these groups. There are plenty more groups of this type out there. We’ve focused on a trio of well-known groups, but there may be a good one which is based right in your area. If you want to get involved, be sure to become a member of the vaping advocacy group of your choice.

Vaping is so popular nowadays. While the jury is still out in terms of the long-terms benefits and risks associated with vaping, it’s safe to say that many people currently believe that it’s safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.